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DK2100 series

  • DK21DN guide rail type 8 channel universal input inspection controller data acquisition device

DK21DN guide rail type 8 channel universal input inspection controller data acquisition device

  • Dk21DN 8 channel universal signal input type. It can be used in conjunction with various sensors and transmitters. It can detect, alarm and control industrial process parameters such as multi-channel temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow rate, weight, current and voltage, and transmit output, data acquisition and communication.

    With the latest international electronic technology, high-speed signal processor and microprocessor as the core, digital is more intelligent.

    Equipped with photoelectric isolation RS-485 communication interface, using ModBus RTU communication protocol. The circuit design uses three terminal isolation of input, power and output.

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Product features

8 channel independent input

Support for 24 industrial signals

Support 2 channel transmit output

Support 2 channel relay alarm output

Support for Modbus Communication

input Signals

Thermocouple signalThermal resistance signalVoltage signalCurrent signal


Output signals

Voltage signal0-5V1-5v0-10v
Current signal0-10ma0-20ma4-20ma


Photoelectric isolation RS-485 communication interface

2 channel relay output

Other detailed parameters

Number of input channels 8 independent channel, different input types.
Input signal range 24 common industrial standard signals.
Range -1999~9999
Basic error 0.2%FS + 1 words.
Resolution 1/11998
Measure AD 20 bits, 25SPS
Output DA 16 bits, 200KSPS
Input impedance

 the voltage is greater than or equal to 500K, 

 the current is less than 300 ohms,

 the thermal resistance is less than 0.25mA, 

 the thermocouple is more than 500K

Output impedance (with load capacity)

 voltage (> 250K) and current (< 300). 

 Current has special requirements,  can do 650 euro, explain when ordering

relay AC120V/1A, DC30V/1A
Display mode digital tube
Sampling period 0.32S/0.64S
Communication mode RS485 interface, two wire system.
Communication protocol MODBUS RTU
Supply voltage AC220V
Isolation voltage 2000V AC 1 minutes.
Working conditions temperature: -20 ~ +50 C, humidity: 10% ~ 90%RH
Storage conditions temperature: -40 ~ +80 C, humidity: 10% ~ 90%RH
Opening size 35mm guide rail installation
Overall dimensions 145*110*40mm